Clinic Policies

  1. All patients must bring a VALID HEALTH CARD and a list of all their current medications to each office visit. 
    • Please bring prescription bottles if you do not have a medication list.
  2. If your health card is not valid or expired, uninsured visit charges will apply.
  3. Patients who do not show for their appointments will be charged a fee, after 2 warnings. 
    • This policy is in place in order to ensure the appropriate utilization of physicians and clinic resources
  4. Due to OHIP regulations and privacy concerns, we are unable to offer any medical advice or management over the phone, fax, or via email.
    • Communication with administrative staff about your health or investigations is also against provincial privacy regulations and you will be instructed to communicate all medical concerns with your doctor at your appointment.
    • Our staff will be happy to help with all other concerns.
  5. It is understood that if required, the physician may need to communicate details of your health information within the circle of care (i.e. other physicians, nursing staff, pharmacists).
  6. Laboratory Tests & Investigations: Most test results will arrive to our office 10 days after being performed. Investigations will arrive directly to the physician who ordered them. Other physicians may not be immediately aware of a patient's test results. 
    • Patients are requested to book a follow-up appointment with the same physician who ordered their tests to be advised of the results and management.
    • Please schedule a follow-up appointment 10 days after the test is performed to review the results. While we attempt to contact all individuals with abnormal or concerning results, do not assume that no call is good news.
    • Administrative staff do not have access to your file and therefore, will be unable to provide you with the results of your tests.
  7. Be respectful to others. We have a zero tolerance policy on any verbal or physical abuse (i.e. yelling, using inappropriate language, etc).
    • You will be asked to leave the clinic and it may result in your dismissal from the practice. 
  8. Some medical services are not covered under OHIP (uninsured services), such as missed appointment fees, work/school forms, and sick notes. 
    • Fees for uninsured services are charged per Ontario Medical Association Guidelines
    • Please see our Non-OHIP Services Policy to review these fees
  9. Referrals to specialists are not made simply upon patient request. A physician is required to assess the patient's medical situation and based on the findings, make an appropriate medical decision. Your physician may recommend additional tests before referring you to a specialist.
    • Referrals to specialists will be based on if it is medically necessary in the determination of the referring physician.
  10. We do not refill prescriptions over the phone or fax. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not run out of medications.
  11. We do not provide refills for any controlled substances in our Walk-In Clinic. 
    • If you are a family practice patient, only your own family physician can refill your narcotic/controlled substances prescription when it is due.
  12. Patients with serious medical emergencies should go to the nearest Emergency Department. Our Clinic is not equipped to handle medical emergencies.